Saturday, January 5, 2008

Configuration files with Git

A while ago I put the configuration files in my home directory (.bashrc, .psqlrc, etc.) into a Subversion repository so I could keep track of what I changed and distribute the changes to different machines. This worked well, but the choice of Subversion created a number of shortcomings: It was difficult to work with unconnected hosts (no local commits), it is difficult to make changes that apply only to some machines (branches, changesets?), and you need a separate directory for the repository.

Now I have converted this to Git, which appears to address these problems. The repository information is entirely contained in the .git directory in the top level of the working tree. I haven't transferred the tree to a different host yet, so that will be next week's project.

Now I'll go ahead and commit the .gitconfig file into the GIT repository. :)

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