Thursday, May 22, 2008

PGCon Day Two

Wednesday morning, I went geocaching again, attempting to complete the second UO cache, but ended up at a pile of rubble again. Hmm. Maybe this game works differently here in Canada. I hope I get to drop my travel bug before I leave though.

The main event of the day, at least for the major developers, was the developer meeting, which I incidentally managed to locate with my GPS device. I was skeptical about this meeting beforehand, but I have to say, it was extremely useful and enjoyable. The wiki page linked to above contains the meeting minutes. So I guess I'm on the hook now to kill off some PostgreSQL mailing lists, and perhaps we'll have a prototype cmake-based build system for PostgreSQL sometime.

In the evening, everyone met at the Yahoo! drinks+food event. Since I arrived an hour late because I was training for the run on Sunday, I didn't get to see any Yahoo things except a few Yahoo-branded napkins. But hey, I got a free beer and I was able to see the rerun of the Champions League final. Someone came up to me later to thank me for my previous blog entry reminding him to watch the game as well. So FYI: As far as I know, there is nothing important on TV today. :-)