Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adding Color to the Console: Round 2: Highlight vs. Pygments vs. Source-highlight

A month ago I compared the Pygments and Source-highlight packages for use as a syntax highlighting tool. A commenter pointed me toward another package called Highlight. So let's compare those three, based on the same criteria as last time:

Debian packagepython-pygmentssource-highlighthighlight
DependenciesPythonC++, BoostC++
LicenseBSDGPL 2+GPL 3+
Input Languages13630143
Output Languages~11~6~9
Performance test6 min64 sec67 sec

So for interactive use, it looks like a pretty close call between Source-highlight and Highlight, unless you need one of the additional input formats supplied by Highlight. It appears that Highlight supports SGML files out of the box, unlike the other two, which could make it interesting for me.

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  1. It is important to run highlight with the --xterm256 switch instead of --ansi which give more colours.