Friday, February 1, 2013

Introducing the Pex package manager for PostgreSQL

I have written a new light-weight package manager for PostgreSQL, called pex. It's targeted at developers, allows easy customization, and supports multiple PostgreSQL installations.

Here is how it works:


git clone git://
cd pex
sudo make install

Install some packages:

pex init
pex install plproxy
pex search hash
pex install pghashlib

Multiple PostgreSQL installations:

pex -g /usr/local/pgsql2 install plproxy
pex -p 5433 install pghashlib


pex update
pex upgrade

It works a bit like Homebrew, except that it doesn't use Ruby or a lot of metaphors. ;-)

Check it out at


  1. Hi,

    This sounds a nice idea, but do you know PGVM (PostgreSQL Version Manager -

    PGVM was inspired in RVM (

    Best Regards,

    Fabrízio Mello

  2. I think pgvm and pex can complement each other well.