Friday, July 3, 2009

Do you have a good idea for PostgreSQL?

Do you have a feature request or a good idea for how to improve PostgreSQL? Subscribing to a mailing list is too cumbersome? Or you did subscribe to a mailing list and presented your idea there, and now it's rotting in the archives or on the todo list? Let's try something different.

I have set up a feedback forum over at UserVoice. There you can enter your ideas, comment and vote on other suggestions, and see what the top requests are, without the overhead of tracking a mailing list every day. Let's consider this an experiment. It is not going to replace the existing project communication channels, and you shouldn't send bug reports or engage in coding discussions there. But the more people raise their "user voice" there and provide useful suggestions and comments, the more useful it might become.

To try it, go to:

The floodgates are open for development on PostgreSQL 8.5, so now is the time to make yourself heard.

(Disclaimer: UserVoice is a commercial company. I am not associated with them. This is just an attempt to find better interfaces for user feedback.)

(picture by NoNo^Q8 CC-BY)


  1. It's working.

    How about a summary of the ongoing suggestions?

  2. Yes, I plan to post some updates on this over time. I'll just let it run without interference for a few weeks at the moment, I think.