Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where have all the translations gone?

If you have downloaded PostgreSQL 8.4.0 and are wondering where so many of the translations have gone: The translation team has decided not to ship translations anymore that are not translated at least about 80%. (See the commit message for the list of victims.) This is so that incidental users of stale translations are not presented with a confusing and distracting mix of translated and untranslated messages all the time. So right now we are only shipping a full or almost full set of translations into German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Turkish.

To get the translations into other languages back into the release, go to and start submitting updates. Updates may be included as early as release 8.4.1 in a few months.

I hope in particular that we might get the Chinese, Italian, and Russian translations back into shape.

By the way, if you want to start (or continue) translating, I suggest that you approximately follow this priority order: libpq, psql, pgscripts, pg_dump, initdb, postgres. This or a similar order will make the translations useful to the most users with the least amount of work.


  1. Why are the Japanese translations not included?

  2. Sorry, the Japanese translations are of course included as well. I have updated the post.

  3. Good post, very interesting.