Saturday, May 23, 2009

PGCon 2009: Fourth Day - The File System Strikes Back

Leading topics among the talks this year at PGCon were evidently database version control, testing, and deployment methodology questions and answers, as I mentioned yesterday, as well as "queueing". Although you need to realize that there are actually two separate applications of the word queueing floating around: one being the message broker related usage, the other related to queueing theory for predicting database performance. Anyway, if you are queueing, you are doing something right this year. In general, I am amazed every year how many participants appear to have the same set of issues, and then a completely different same set of new issues the next year. So at least we are either all completely off track or mostly on the same right track.

In the lightning talks I announced the availability of postgresqlfs, a small project of mine that I theorized about many years ago and which I finally managed to implement within basically two days. If you liked PL/sh, this is the new deal for you. In fact, postgresqlfs allows you to execute your PL/sh functions directly from the shell, which is what you probably should have done in the first place. ;-)

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  1. We already found a use for your project -- a blog posting engine for Bruce that actually uses a database backend :D